Dreams Before Facts.

In the quest for a customized future, I wholly depend on my dreams and visions to lay the foundation. Without an idea or a vision, we are robbed of our purpose to live. Life becomes weary and full of sadness. Yet we are here on earth, for a β€œgood time” as they all say. Being alive only means that it is our time to be alive. The only way to do this is through your dreams and vision.  A vision board serves merely to highlight your mind and passion as well as act as a constant reminder to stay focused. With a vision board, one’s emotions are in check. After all, no one wants a face full of sadness, anger, and worry. I am aware of several controversial claims directed towards vision boards; to me, this is an ultimate plan to greatness and fulfilling one’s desires.

Vision Boards have become famous over the past years owing to endorsements by mainstream celebrities such as The Secret endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. It is to acknowledge that The Secret, did not mark the inception of the idea of vision boards. In fact, the concept was first coined out following its relationship to the law of attraction. The law of attraction dictates that the mode of thinking directly affects what the universe presents. When the mind focuses on positive mental energy, then positive outcomes will be borne and vice versa. The law of attraction was first explained with regards to Vision Boards in Creative Visualization. This book addressed the same phenomena and emphasized on its practicality. I am sure you now know why most of us have unrealized goals. The reason is you did not direct enough positive thoughts and energy to this cause, or possibly you let the negative thoughts overwhelm your dreams. Each of us is to blame for our lack of success.

I woke up early that day, determined to offset my vision-board project only to realize I could not do it in the way I wanted. Time had flown as it was the third day into the year already. The pressure to be at par with the pace the year was at started becoming deafening. Social media was not helping either as everywhere I looked had the said β€˜2019 Resolutions”. Everywhere, everyone was tuned to the flow. Do not allow yourself to be taken aback by my phrase β€œeveryone, everywhere.” This has nothing to do with my decision to make a vision board. Surprised? Well, times have changed, better start doing things for yourself. I am more motivated than ever for my reasons are genuinely mine and it would be my joy to achieve all of it at the end of 2019.  Yet, I had not set up a plan?

All hope is not lost as there are several ways of dealing with a problem. My ideal vision board could not be as the resources were not pro-green. This did not interfere with my agenda as I sought out other sustainable means of making a vision board. The resources, such as cut-outs from magazines, or books, required for my project are not easily accessible especially if you love literary arts. Every piece of writing is treasure worth preservation so I would not cut things off of them. I failed miserably at an attempt to convince myself and use the really outdated ones. Although the board is quite understandable, it is my Vision board. I took a liking towards sticky notes as a replacement for the cut-outs. For the background, I used a plain tablecloth with colored markers. The markers mainly served aesthetic purposes; to boldly outline the contents of different categories on the vision board. Each vision had a title hence making it easy to color code i.e., Skill – Purple. It is fascinating if it is practically done. I also decided to frame my vision board using wood, adding its appealing value. This allows for flexibility of use – as a decoration and as a vision board.

With the plan laid out perfectly, I conducted a final review of my Vision Board. The main titles were Education/Skill, Relationship/Social, Investment, Health and Wellness, and Spiritual Life. Under each was points that address the specific areas I will focus on throughout 2019. For instance, Education/Skill and Health and Wellness contained the following:

The final outlook of my vision board is as above however the colors are not similar. In my way, the sticky notes colors have played out in a different but interesting way. Just as popular opinions in support of vision boards claim, one must first own their dreams and visions in order to be able to actualize it. When you create your own vision board, it is considered a pivotal key to success. Being equipped with a positive mental attitude alongside undeterred focus is not enough to keep one in momentum through the hallways of success. The full success package entails dreaming about positive, committed and precise aims. This, therefore, highlights the benefits of vision boards.

The images and the phrases cut out from magazines, of course, is not necessary for complete success. They can be useful to some and may be useless to some. The cut-outs help one to be orderly and delineate goals in order of priorities. Moreover, drawing out the vision board helps to plant the targets in one’s subconscious, and it helps one to imagine the goals as though they have occurred already. The universe will genuinely give it in return if nothing but positive energy surrounds your goal.

In other words, vision boards remain to be a decoration if not actualized, hence increasing controversial opinion surrounding the effectiveness of vision boards. Dreaming about the ideal life and perfect universe may induce a feeling of relief, which is often short-lived and this works against the law of attraction. This makes it challenging to transform one’s dreams into reality. Once you dream about it, envision the strategic approach you will take to really make it happen, and the final step is to put in the actual effort to realize the whole plan.



Thank you, Maybe.

Let gratitude be your first intuition

…you have no idea how much I needed this….

Came a text notification that evening. I consider myself a tinge too emotional as I am brought to tears by the slightest signs of gratitude. No one really knows how much it takes one commit and to do anything, so it’s really precious to me.

At the pinnacle of gratification are parents. Not because they are worthy but because they are your parents. Choosing to be a parent is one of greatest sacrifices yet it is coated with genuine love and adoration hence children fail to see it.

I guess the real question is, would you be your own parent? If yes, well that’s a lie. It’s my theory. Because I know I wouldn’t.

Gratitude is among the most important of feelings. Just like lying, the consequences of gratitude are diabolical. No matter how small or big an act is, sentiments of gratification should follow. Believe me; it goes a long way.

Memorable moments of gratitude …. which btw I didn’t imagine could have the impact it had on my friends and family are many, but I will share a few.This incident with my cousin is my favorite, so.

I have my cousin Whitney, such a darling and among the nicest people to ever have graced earth. Her jovial aura will be the trigger of your interaction if you ever met. Being in her nature the best way she can, she is always in service of others. This does a great deal of dis-service to her peace of mind as she is rarely served by others. Even in this state of exhaustion, she continues to grant the help to others if called upon.

I believe it is such people, who are always forgotten. She lives in a world of her own, where she knows only service. Our moment came one evening, as we were settling to have dinner. It was our first interaction, also one of the reasons why it counts. Everyone had served and was seated, except for Whitney.

Just like her, are our parents, teachers and everyone around you. They all have a silent battle which a simple show of gratitude will give them STRENGTH. Like hell, I feel I could save the world when appreciated, everytime…everytime. It’s an amazing feeling.

She had gone to catch her breathe outside. I asked her what she’d have then taken it upon myself to serve her. It is in the moment when I came back with her dish that, she broke down.

I have never experienced such genuine and pure joy out of such a small deed. Her reaction was truly priceless. She took a moment and paused with utter disbelief splashed across her face. She could not believe it.

Tears rolled down her face as she muttered,

no one has ever served me like this…. thank you, thank you. β€œShe could not stop as I kept repeating it’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.

It is the little things that matter most.Who would ever imagine that she kept waiting upon the day she would experience the feeling she impacts to others on a daily basis? All we know is the outward reaction she lets everyone in on. Simple deeds extended to friends, strangers, and family and just about anyone we meet is never for granted. In your unique way, you get to touch a soul!